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LaPrima DC is the premier automotive car customization shop in Northern Virginia—helping luxury car owners keep their investments protected and maintained. Located in Fairfax, VA, we offer premium car detailing services, including paint protection film, custom car wraps, and more. If you’re in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, contact us for a free consultation, or to learn more.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an ultra-thin polyurethane that acts as transparent “skin” for your vehicle—protecting it from surface scratches, acid rain, and the natural elements. You should have car protection film applied by professionals to ensure a seamless look.

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Ceramic Coating

LaPrima DC uses industry-grade ceramic coating that chemically bonds with the paint of your car, creating a new layer of protection. Your paint will remain untouched and your vehicle’s exterior will be much easier to maintain. Have questions about the ceramic coating cost? Contact us to know your best options.


Personalized Design

Custom Car Wraps

Custom vinyl wraps are a great and affordable option to personalize your luxury car. Factory-style paint jobs can be expensive, and LaPrima DC can give you a professional restyle without the excessive price-tag. Made from premium quality vinyl, we have custom car wraps in thousands of finishes and colors.

Paint Correction

Eliminate the imperfections in your car’s exterior. Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle by correcting surface imperfections that detract from a true and proper, clean, sharp, reflection. These imperfections can include swirl marks and fine scratches, hologramming, and buffer trails. Get a perfect finish with LaPrima DC.

Flawless Finish

Car Detailing

LaPrima DC offers all your car detailing needs—whether it’s a simple hand car wash, interior detailing, exterior detailing, or full on paint correction. Our professional detailing services are safe for your vehicle. Using our wax or ceramic coating services, you can restore and protect the original paint keeping your car looking its best

Restore and Protect

Privacy and Protection

Car Window Tinting

LaPrima DC offers a wide range of ceramic window tint installations, as well as headlight and taillight tint services. Our professionally-done window tints can reduce heat build-up and help prevent your car’s leather interior from fading. In addition, it adds an extra level of privacy while improving the look of your car. Adding a headlight and taillight tint can also make the exterior of your vehicle memorable.

Cosmetic Modification

Make your vehicle truly yours. LaPrima DC works with some of the most well-known body kit and cosmetic mod brands, such as 1016 Industries, Ryft, and AL13 Wheels. Cosmetic modifications are the best way to have your car stand out, and we can install anything to meet your needs. Create that aggressive look you’re going for—we’ve got you covered.

True Personalization


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